Day 2 – Guess Who Came To My Door Last Night?!


The night before one of my kids birthdays means a lot of late night scrambling for this mom. Last night I had to finish my blog post, wrap presents, hang the birthday sign and bake a cake. By the time it was all done it was late.  Maybe 11:15 pm, although the details are still fuzzy because of the trauma that occurred just after I turned out the kitchen light.


In my back yard, if you want to call it that, we have a big evergreen tree. The tree is beautiful; it looks like a Christmas tree to me. I keep lights on it year-round. After my frenzy of birthday prep I switched off the kitchen light and stood at the sink.  I looked out the back window at my tree and reflected on this special day.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement.  My eyes darted to the little cement patio, and there in the glow of the Christmas lights was a RAT.

It was large. It had a thick tail. It was alive. It was nibbling on something under the table. I knew right away what it was, even though I have never before seen one “in the wild.” I don’t live in the city, or out in the country. I don’t have trash lying around, or any creepy hiding places…that I know of. I didn’t know we even have rats in Colorado?!?!

I went to open the back door and it took off. Who knows where.

I was freaked out.

I am freaked out.

Do they sell rat traps?  WHAT WOULD I DO WITH IT IF I TRAPPED IT?!?!!

Should I get poison? COULD I HANDLE A DEAD RAT!?!?!

Should I pretend like I never saw it and do nothing? (that NEVER works ;))

Spending a sleepless night worrying about a job sounds like a dream compared to the restlessness of last night! Now I’m worrying about rats: the disease, the droppings, the nibbling, nesting, and infiltration of my home!

Send help, and suggestions. SHOW UP PEOPLE.


12 thoughts on “Day 2 – Guess Who Came To My Door Last Night?!

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  2. Nobody ever gets use to rats. When when we were dairy farming we would have them around the corn cribs, you find rats where there is food, and where there is garbage, ours were controlled by a good ratting dog and the barn cats.
    Check with the neighbours for any type of food or garbage around outside. Check in with a Pest Control, they can advise you or give more information on who to contact. Do you have a local health unit? No poison, domestic animals and kids can get into it. Restaurants can have rat problems, they have left overs and food garbage, there are people who deal with this, find out. Not a big disaster but this kind of reality is unpleasant, especially when one is unfamiliar. Take heart!


  3. Hi dana l have rats too in my shed l live in a town in a terrace house l have yet go work out how the get into my brick solid shed but they do my dog roxy is great she got 2 in a row last time l do use bait it works especially if mixed


  4. Sorry it’s 3 30 am l am awake for some reason anyway mixed with peanut butter our local rat man said they love peanut butter and they do and they die l have to deal with the dead rat dustpan and brush yuk horrible then into the bin my neighbour has a rabbit think good left around the hutch is the problem but they seem to head for my shed so here in little old England in a garden with a 6ft fence all around it l have go deal with large horrible rats l am with you love ya Paula x


  5. I am a rat expert…have had them in my attic, garden, everywhere. Simple cheap rat traps are available at any market or hardware store. I use the old fashion wood based spring loaded type. My favorite bait is peanut butter or bacon grease. If you are squeamish, you can just throw the caught rat with the trap away in the garbage (I seal it in a plastic bag.) I like to reuse the traps, (rats come from big families), so I remove the rat with rubber gloves, toss the rat, and re-set the trap for the next evening.


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