Day 6 – Have You Ever Headed Downhill?

I do not like pumpkin spice lattes.

There. I have said it.  I know people go crazy for these things, people in my family even.  I have tried them.  Every year.  Still, I don’t get it.

They do not taste good to me.

Did you know there are people who think cilantro tastes like soap? It’s a true story. I have a friend with this issue, and she is still my friend. Maybe there is a pumpkin spice gene missing in me?

Anyway, I really like other pumpkin items.  Yesterday a series of events took place that led me downhill.  As in, my life feels like it’s on a greased-up sled, at the top of a high hill. They were all small things: feedback from a teacher, a text from my co-parent, a notice in the mail. When that feeling strikes, sometimes I take to baking.  There is something satisfying about baking. It isn’t necessarily that I want to eat what I make, just that I want to create it. With a little time and effort I can quickly see and enjoy a tangible result. I dig through my recipe binder and pull out an oldie but goodie, pumpkin chocolate chip squares. My hands become busy, the house fills up with a great smell and the kids get excited.


An hour later there is too much dessert for my family to eat alone; I will have to share it. It gives me a reason to drop by on my neighbor. I use my dessert as a crutch.  I slip across the alley with a warm plate in my hand and knock on her door.


No sooner does she let me in then my guts spill out.  I tell her about my day, my worries, my downhill trip.  We eat and chat, and she helps me get my guts put back together.  She reassures me, reminds me what I know is true, gets me off the sled. We share dessert and friendship.  We are both grateful.  Give the pumpkin squares a try.

(Click HERE for the recipe!!!)


3 thoughts on “Day 6 – Have You Ever Headed Downhill?

  1. MmMmmm! So good looking ! Thanks for the recipe! We will give it a try when we get home from our trip my daughters and I have been visiting my son and his bride who are expecting their first child…akte girl…due in Jan

    For now the best pumpkin spice substitute will have to do.We found Thomases English muffins special limited edition Pumkin Spice at Target and Safeway

    I suppose if one must have a chocolate “fix” there are some options
    Chocolate chips or spread

    But your recipe had the added ingredient of love and fellowship shared with your neighbor…what a blessing you are to her and she to you

    May your little family continue to enjoy having a baking mom! Those are great memories as time goes by

    I still feel close to my mom whenever I make one of her recipes

    Home made foods are real legacies that bring comfort down through generations
    Mykonos and her friends and my mother in laws recipe cards in their own handwriting are true treasure for me and my grown children

    I really appreciate your sharing your observations and thoughts in such delightful and creative ways
    Hugs and cinnamon for you!


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