Day 8- Now What Was I Saying?


Seven Signs I Am Losing (or have already lost) My Marbles

1.  I drop the kids off at school and head out to run errands. I have my route all planned out; Target, Michael’s and then Home Depot (don’t even ask).  I have my returns on the front seat next to me.  I’m feeling organized and efficient.  I’ve got this. Everything is going brilliantly until I am standing at the customer service counter and the clerk asks me to swipe my debit card. I fumble through my purse twice, but my wallet is no where in sight. It is at home on the kitchen counter. Stellar.

2.  It is the night before soccer and I’m going to have everyone’s uniform clean and ready.  Yes, I am a champion soccer mom.  I’m so impressed with myself that I remembered to do this.  I will feel like a million bucks tomorrow morning when I have the kids’ uniforms freshly folded and lined up by the back door.  I go down into the laundry room and open up the washer.  The smell knocks me back a few steps.  Apparently the load of laundry I washed a couple of days ago never made it to the dryer.  I add more soap, set it on extra hot this time, and run it through again. Now soccer clothes will have to be washed in the dead of night and dried in an early morning frenzy.

3.  How often do your little people shower? It is bedtime on a Wednesday night. I am ready for the kids to go away.  Maybe we can skip a bath tonight?  Did they take one last night?  I can’t remember. I try to recall the last nights activities but my mind is completely blank. I take an honest assessment of my mental faculties and know that I don’t have it in me to cleanse these children tonight.  I promise we will do it first thing in the morning, if I remember.

4.  I cannot recall most of my middle child’s baby and toddler-hood.  I feel really bad about this one.  With my oldest son I remember everything about his first year: his measurements, his milestones, his look and feel.  With the middle child though, it is a blur.  With only 19 months between the two babies it is a miracle I kept everyone alive and well. When did she learn to clap, roll over, write her name?  I have no idea, but she does it now!! There wasn’t an absence of love or attention, but there sure is an absence of long-term memories. When a question arises about her past I have to take a quick average of what I remember about the other kids and ballpark a date for her.


5.  What is for breakfast this morning?  Waffles, bagels, eggs or toast. Anything that doesn’t require milk.  Yes, children, I know we haven’t had milk for two days.  I will put a reminder in my phone and head straight to the store after I take you to school. This whole milk thing is something that seems really important in the morning when you want cereal, and at night when I’m preparing for dinner, but somewhere in between, this need gets completely lost. Half the time I go to the store for a specific item, leave my list at home, and return with a car full of groceries of every variety…except for the one thing I went to get.

6.  Tuesday morning I took my car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change.  (When you are done being impressed by that statement, read on.) It was going to take a while, so my daughter and I walked to the McDonald’s just across the street. While I sat there I thought about how much I missed one of my friends.  Wouldn’t it be great if she could come and hang out with me? I casually drop her a text and invite her to join me.  She politely responds that she is on her way to bible study.  A bible study that I too signed up for, and am supposed to be at as well. No wonder I missed her, we were supposed to spend the morning together and I completely forgot!



7.  I’m not sure what this post has to do with the series I am writing on “Showing up.”  Truth be told, when I wrote this post I forgot about that!  Ha!


9 thoughts on “Day 8- Now What Was I Saying?

  1. Well welcome to the human race and the league of fatigued mothers!

    I believe you now qualify for the senior ( level 9 in the experience category ) discount …not to be confused with the one offered elder statesmen

    In my season of life that you are presently in I realized that my place in the body of Christ was to make other women feel confident , organized and efficient if by no other means than by contrast

    When I spoke to the Lord about this amazing lack of brain cells His still small voiced reply was ” all my kids are just here for contrast”….even as Jesus was, is and always will be the image and type of perfection

    We are complete in Him! Hallelujah He knows this about us😅 and Thank you so much Lord your home is easy and your burden is light….help me remember Lord…one step…then the next

    It would seem we are just following our leader when we are humbled one way or another to allow Him the Supreme position of perfection while we strive to continue to continue

    I am pretty sure you fall into the category like many of our sisters who also suffer by way of expectations of being ” all you can be” yet we are told in scripture to not become weary with well doing for in due time we will reap if we faint not!

    Oh that’s a relief!

    The world around us runs some into the ground with publishing much that is not essential
    Also there is a trap we may fall into “comparing ourselves among oursleves we are not wise”

    Isn’t that just the way of things…as a young woman I compared myself to all kinds of images and achievers which can be a motivation yet ….our Lords plans to bring us to maturity one ripe fruit may be in things we had not imagined would be by way of these “small things” we find frustrating in our not “arriving at”
    It makes me laugh NOW but back when going through it was not a source of humor

    If it’s the rocks in the stream that make it sing then I think all those rough days have been producing a “symphony”
    Hang in there….by my estimation all of this will contribute to your first volume and in eternity your story will shine as you persevere in the very ardent task and priviledge of being MOM and HOMEMAKER….truly a virtuous woman!

    You GO girl!


  2. That word “home ” was supposed to be “yoke” but I see as I typed it here that auto correct presumed I was wrong! Whew…so I DID type it right but this cell was trying to prove me insufficient AGAIN!

    HA! I guess I showed YOU auto correct smuggness!

    So nice to know once in a while I was RIGHT!


    Proves my point exactly😜


  3. Oh yeah I just remembered a couple of other things that may encourage you and others that helped me as I went through some of the same

    My motto ” This too shall pass”


    “What is highly esteemed in the world is an abomination among men”

    Don’t have the scripture red right off the top of my head but I think it is useful at times when we are tempted to wrestle with comparisons which come to mind

    I assure you that in the eyes of the Lord you can count on the Lord to make use of all your areas of what you may think are “short fall”

    There always will be those who seem to have made “more” of their lifespan yet upon closer examination through the truth of scripture they may have gained the whole world but are on the brink of losing their soul

    I just attended my 50th high school reunion
    It was a great time and many of my classmates have been movers and shakers among the world leaders….yet when discussing their thoughts regarding Jesus Christ there were only two who were emphatically His believers out of some 100!
    Talk about gaining the whole world and. Of having anyone to thank!

    I so do admire and appreciate all they have been able to accomplish
    In their lives….but offering the Word in order to give them an opportunity to consider their eternal destiny

    All we can do is testify and then it is their responsibility to seek personally in the Word to “see if it is so”

    May the Lord open hearts and eyes as the days grow short


  4. Again the auto correct struck again!

    It meant for it to say “scripture reference”

    And later

    “Talk about gaining the whole world and not knowing who to thank”!

    Sigh…..maybe loses something in translation😳


  5. Welcome to the world over over-worked and under-slept. This happens to me when I am going too fast and trying to do too much. I have learned to simplify when I can and then let some things go-like dusting, windows, etc.


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