Day 10 – When Saying Yes Means Saying NO


I didn’t show up here yesterday.

There were many good things I could have done yesterday. I chose to pick one good thing over another good thing.  A “yes” to one thing meant “no” to something else.

I said yes to coffee with a new friend. Yes to sitting at Starbucks with a real live person instead of my computer. Yes to sharing stories of encouragement across a small sticky table instead of over the internet.


I said yes to getting balloons for my daughter.  Yes I will bake another cake. Yes I will set the table, stuff the goodie bags, and clean-up the house. Yes, I can do another birthday party on my own.  Yes, it hurts my heart a lot.

I said yes to spending time on the phone with the pest control company.  I can pay $300 for a rat extermination with a one month guarantee, or pay $150 per quarter for comprehensive year-round pest management.  No good options there to say yes to!

I said yes to spending time catching up with a dear friend. Yes, I will try to show up for her the way she has shown up for me.  Yes, I care about her. Yes I’m thinking about her. Yes, my time with her is important.

I said yes to opening my home: for friends, children, and neighbors alike.  Yes I can have a party, yes we can paint, yes we can stay up late. Yes I can put down my phone and computer and iPad for a night.


Yes I can sit here and laugh and cry with you, and just be in the moment. Yes I want to live life, and not always convert it into words.


Finally, I said yes to going to bed.  The dishes weren’t put away, the soccer uniforms weren’t washed, and the blog wasn’t written.  And I slept.

Sometimes, showing up means saying no.

I hope I said yes to the right things.

#30days 🙂


One thought on “Day 10 – When Saying Yes Means Saying NO

  1. You made the best choice of all the good things to chose from. Sometimes from all the good things we have to chose which is best at the time. You will never regret putting family first and taking time for yourself. Good for you.


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