Day 11 – Nine Objects That Are About to Disappear


I was sitting at my desk deciding if I was brave enough to share about where my heart really is tonight. Sometimes it can be beneficial to “sleep-on-it” before hitting the publish button. I browsed the news as a stall tactic, and came upon a really interesting article by Karim Rashid.

Nine everyday objects that are about to disappear (click HERE for the article)

If keys and wallets became obsolete, you know that would help me out! You have to read at least until the part about LCD jumpsuits for clothes.  I really hope that is not in my life-time. Sometimes it is fun to try to imagine what the future will really look like.  It helps me to remember, all sorts of things change, all the time.  There will be plenty of changes that I cannot anticipate, for better and for worse. That is part of the “fun,” right?

Enjoy reading someone else’s voice today.  I am glad a whole new week starts tomorrow. I will be here to share with you.



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