Day 15 -The Night the Tooth Fairy Died


In my home the tooth fairy has always been a fickle little thing.

A little rain on the East coast? She doesn’t like to get her wings wet. She is delayed by a night.

Sleep in your brother’s room instead of your own? She is too lazy to look around and find you, so she just comes back another night.

Sometimes if she takes a couple of days to arrive, she feels bad and leaves $2 instead of $1. Another time she accidentally gave a ten-dollar bill instead of one dollar bill.  Imagine her surprise!!


Last night Renee plucked another tooth out of her mouth an hour before bedtime. She placed it in a plastic bag under her pillow, and we all went on with our lives. I was up late watching a couple of episodes of Scandal. (It’s SO good). I finally dozed off after mid-night and forgot all about that blasted tooth.

Shortly after 1:00 am Cara comes in and reports her belly hurts.  I get up and check her out.  She seems fine.  I put a trash can by her bed, just in case, lay out some towels, and tuck her back in.

I go back to bed, with one eye and ear open, listening for the worst.

1:30 am. Cara leans over the side of her bunk bed and barfs. I hit the deck running. Of course I’m too late.  I strip sheets, haul mattresses, start laundry, and resettle the crew.  Renee and Cara share a room, so of course all of this wakes up Renee too. She waits for me to clean up the room and turn her light back off.  By 1:45 I kiss her goodnight again.

Then she says, “Mom, my tooth is still there.  The tooth fairy hasn’t come yet!”

Crap.  Seriously.  I hate that fairy.

Now Cara is sleeping on a mattress in my room.  That way we can both be up all night while she is sick.  Around 2:30 am, after another round of laundry, I go downstairs and start looking for a dollar.  I search everywhere, with no luck. I even go out to the car. That requires that I cross the dark back patio, where I know the rats are looking at me.  I run fast and hold my breath, both ways.

No dollar.

Back in the house I get out the change jar.  I am so tired. In an act of desperation I put 5 quarters in a little plastic baggie and call it good.  I quietly enter the girls room and shove the bag under Renee’s pillow.  The quarters are clinking, the baggie is rustling.  I just don’t care. I pull my hand back and turn to leave.

“Mom?” Renee whispers.


“Mom, I’m still awake.  I heard you go through the change jar.  There is no tooth fairy. Did I only get a dollar?”

Who is quick on their feet at 2:30 am with an active barfing situation?? I sigh heavily. Fatigue has set in and the filter is gone.

“Right. The tooth fairy is dead.  You got a buck twenty-five. Now go to sleep.”

And she does, after she tells James and Cara the news.

I guess the next time a tooth comes out at the Sandberg house I’m off the hook. I can just slap a dollar down on the counter and call it a day!


4 thoughts on “Day 15 -The Night the Tooth Fairy Died

  1. They let you off the hook with just that?! Man, Zoey would need to know all the details. I hope tonight is uneventful and Cara is feeling better!


  2. Hahaha
    I loved your humor in the midst of all this trauma

    So sorry for the lack of sleep that all moms relate to

    May you find a good nap time for you and your little ones

    Sick days for kids are so hard no matter how many adults are there to help but doubly so for a single mom

    How I pray for your comfort and strength as you traverse these times and seasons !🍞🍷

    Hugs for you all


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