Day 23 – Where in the World?!!


Have you ever tried to type a blog post on your cell phone keyboard?

Me either!  And I am not about to try.  At least, not really.

I am up in the mountains on “fall break,” with my three kids.  You know what it’s like.  You just throw a couple quick things in the back of the van and head out for a few quiet and relaxing days.


Right.  Anyways, a change of scenery is a great thing, and the scenery up here is spectacular. Even though it feels more like winter than fall, the fresh mountain air is wonderful. My little cell phone camera cannot do justice to the peaceful beauty that surrounds the house up here.

Normally when I am up here I can jump on a neighbors wireless network.  No such luck this trip.  Hence, my lack of posts, and the cell phone keyboard.

The only thing left to do is spend my days playing bingo, snacking, sitting in the hot tub and playing in the snow. I know, that sounds horrible.  Try and feel bad for me. 😉

Apparently I am meant to actually be present and enjoy this time! Wednesday we will head back down the hill in time for an important afternoon meeting.  Trust me, I will tell you about it.

Until then, I hope you all enjoy having internet access.  Watch something good on Netflix for me!


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