31 Days

“Look at her, doing the best she can up there, with the little armor she has left. It was a tough, wild year and she kept showing up.”

– Glennon Melton

31 days of Showing Up

That is what I’m going to do. I’m going to keep showing up. I’m going to show up when the going is good and when the going is tough.   Even if I’m not feeling ready for it, dressed for it, or good enough for it. I’m going to show up for my friends.  I’m going to show up for my family, my people, and myself.

There is value in showing up.

You won’t believe the stories I will tell about the brave and loving souls who have showed up for me.  And they keep showing up.

 This month I have accepted a challenge to blog on one topic for 31 days.  It goes against everything that has worked for me so far.  I normally think of an idea for a post, write a draft, chew on it, sleep on it (or not), rework it, send to my sister-in-law, get choked up at Starbucks, and then click submit.  This will be different.  I will write a lot and probably a lot of it won’t be good. Thanks for showing up.  Let’s go.

Follow Along Each Day:

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Day 2 – Guess Who Came to My Door Last Night?!?

Day 3 – When You Showed Up

Day 4 – When It’s Time to Handle Your Business

Day 5 – Who Matters to You?

Day 5 – PS. Who You Gonna Call?

Day 6 – Have You Ever Headed Downhill?

Day 7 – Who Knows?

Day 8 – Now What Was I Saying?

Day 10 – When Saying Yes Means Saying No

Day 11 – Nine Objects That Are About to Disappear

Day 12 – When We “Mean Well” (Part 1)

Day 13 – When We “Mean Well” (Part 2)

Day 14 – What Now!?!

Day 15 – The Night the Tooth Fairy Died

Day 16 – The Five Best Ways to Stay Unemployed