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Welcome to Singled Out in Colorado!

Thank you for coming to my site. Your time is valuable and I am honored by your choice to spend some time with me. I will do my best to make it worth your while.

I want to connect, inspire and entertain other people with my story, insights, failures, challenges and dreams.  Whether you are a parent or not, married or not, a Christian or not, I hope that you leave my site with a smile on your face, a challenge to wrestle with, and a burning desire to cultivate your own powerful and beautiful voice. 

I am a writer and a reader; a thinker and a dreamer. More importantly I am a doting single-mother to three beautiful and boisterous kids (ages 7, 9, 11!).  We also have a small dog who is under-trained and overweight. There is no such thing as a dull day over here. I am also a (struggling/questioning/wrestling) Christian, a loyal friend, and an adoring daughter.

My day usually starts and ends with coffee.  A five-mile hike is my idea of an afternoon well spent; especially if the kids come along. I would choose dessert over a real meal any day (and I bake a mean bundt cake).  My favorite seasons are spring and fall because I can wear one of my puffy vests daily. Without Amazon Prime I would not survive.  I can be prone to frequent trips to Costco and Starbucks, choose texting over calling, and hate doing laundry. I am a fan of some crafts, most sports, and all travel. If you can’t get in touch with me I’m likely sequestered in my room on a Netflix binge.


My story takes place at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.  It is filled with courageous leaps, giant failures, fun and most things in between. I spend a lot of time unpacking seemingly everyday events and finding beauty and significance.  It includes the sad end of a marriage and the beginning of a different, but beautiful, full, and free life.   Hopefully we will laugh along the way.

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I am new here so please be patient as I add content!  If there is something specific you would like me to talk about, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for joining me.  I hope that you enjoy the ride!



14 thoughts on “About Dana

  1. I don’t know your story nor do you know mine, but thank you for your open letter to Anna which led me to your blog. Looking forward to more.
    From another wandering Christian


  2. Can’t wait to read more of your blog! Your letter to Anna was perfect, I wish someone had shared those words to me at the beginning of my journey. I would love a safe place to share my story some day. Until then, keep writing!!!


  3. Hi l am Paula a 44 nearly 45 year old mum 2 grown up sons Zak 22yrs who got married this august and is a primary school teacher and harry 20yrs engaged and a mechanic for Mercedes Benz. My story started in 2008 l was working in a local primary school with special needs children l developed a cough went to see my gp got some antibiotics and showed him a swelling under my left arm to cut along story short l was diagnosed with a very rare lymph node cancer and was stage 3 advanced l was the only person in England to have it .l had chemo and a treatment from America as a trial as they weren’t sure what to do with me .l hung onto God with all my strength l was married my husband was very distant and detached himself from me .my boys were 15 and 13 l started chemo on Zak’s 15th birthday .at Christmas time a young lady who worked with my husband came into our lives she was 21 had a whole heap of problems and told my husband that she trusted him and could only tell him what was going on in her life .she came to our home ate with us etc. I was told l had gone into remission in 2009 praise God .my husband totally pushed me aside his time was took up with this girl in need .in April 2009 my whole world was blown apart after 22yrs of marriage he left me and our boys needed time on his own l watched him pack and go my heart in pieces . there is a lot more to my story he moved in with said young lady and divorced me .your letter to Anna spoke to me it took me along time to believe it wasn’t my fault it was a day at a time friends came and went some sought the drama not good l have 5 amazing women in my life who have been to hell and back with me and respected my faith which has got me through this just me and God no church a one on one relationship with my dear heavenly daddy . l forgave my husband took him back and he left me again for the same lady world blown apart again .l still forgave him l work on that forgiveness only a day to day basis sometimes on a minute by minute basis .he now lives with his parents in debt and lady less she left him . l still have my tears and sadness even now we are on a friendly basis it makes life easier to deal with no bitterness eating away inside but it can be hard .l just walk away when he isn’t very nice he gets the message no nasty words said just walk away.l am on my own l needed time to heal to breath cry shout to put my baggage down to pray and re discover me Paula not wife still mum with now grown up chaps always mum ! as l said there is a lot more to my story but as a woman we have to believe in ourselves again recover trust find peace understand who we are let ourselves be loved by our nearest and dearest and hang onto God always never let go he loves us unconditionally every single bit of us .it is Friday evening l am sat with my tea unhealthy chips and spicy chicken wings in a terrace house in a small market town in England UK.we are wonderful women mums daughters friends and gods daughters you go girl love ya Paula x


  4. Thank you…thank you for your letter to Anna. Every person’s journey is different. I am also a fellow traveler….this is a letter that I wish had been written for me during my trials. Thank you.


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