Day 15 -The Night the Tooth Fairy Died


In my home the tooth fairy has always been a fickle little thing.

A little rain on the East coast? She doesn’t like to get her wings wet. She is delayed by a night.

Sleep in your brother’s room instead of your own? She is too lazy to look around and find you, so she just comes back another night.

Sometimes if she takes a couple of days to arrive, she feels bad and leaves $2 instead of $1. Another time she accidentally gave a ten-dollar bill instead of one dollar bill.  Imagine her surprise!!


Last night Renee plucked another tooth out of her mouth an hour before bedtime. She placed it in a plastic bag under her pillow, and we all went on with our lives. I was up late watching a couple of episodes of Scandal. (It’s SO good). I finally dozed off after mid-night and forgot all about that blasted tooth.

Shortly after 1:00 am Cara comes in and reports her belly hurts.  I get up and check her out.  She seems fine.  I put a trash can by her bed, just in case, lay out some towels, and tuck her back in.

I go back to bed, with one eye and ear open, listening for the worst.

1:30 am. Cara leans over the side of her bunk bed and barfs. I hit the deck running. Of course I’m too late.  I strip sheets, haul mattresses, start laundry, and resettle the crew.  Renee and Cara share a room, so of course all of this wakes up Renee too. She waits for me to clean up the room and turn her light back off.  By 1:45 I kiss her goodnight again.

Then she says, “Mom, my tooth is still there.  The tooth fairy hasn’t come yet!”

Crap.  Seriously.  I hate that fairy.

Now Cara is sleeping on a mattress in my room.  That way we can both be up all night while she is sick.  Around 2:30 am, after another round of laundry, I go downstairs and start looking for a dollar.  I search everywhere, with no luck. I even go out to the car. That requires that I cross the dark back patio, where I know the rats are looking at me.  I run fast and hold my breath, both ways.

No dollar.

Back in the house I get out the change jar.  I am so tired. In an act of desperation I put 5 quarters in a little plastic baggie and call it good.  I quietly enter the girls room and shove the bag under Renee’s pillow.  The quarters are clinking, the baggie is rustling.  I just don’t care. I pull my hand back and turn to leave.

“Mom?” Renee whispers.


“Mom, I’m still awake.  I heard you go through the change jar.  There is no tooth fairy. Did I only get a dollar?”

Who is quick on their feet at 2:30 am with an active barfing situation?? I sigh heavily. Fatigue has set in and the filter is gone.

“Right. The tooth fairy is dead.  You got a buck twenty-five. Now go to sleep.”

And she does, after she tells James and Cara the news.

I guess the next time a tooth comes out at the Sandberg house I’m off the hook. I can just slap a dollar down on the counter and call it a day!


Day 8- Now What Was I Saying?


Seven Signs I Am Losing (or have already lost) My Marbles

1.  I drop the kids off at school and head out to run errands. I have my route all planned out; Target, Michael’s and then Home Depot (don’t even ask).  I have my returns on the front seat next to me.  I’m feeling organized and efficient.  I’ve got this. Everything is going brilliantly until I am standing at the customer service counter and the clerk asks me to swipe my debit card. I fumble through my purse twice, but my wallet is no where in sight. It is at home on the kitchen counter. Stellar.

2.  It is the night before soccer and I’m going to have everyone’s uniform clean and ready.  Yes, I am a champion soccer mom.  I’m so impressed with myself that I remembered to do this.  I will feel like a million bucks tomorrow morning when I have the kids’ uniforms freshly folded and lined up by the back door.  I go down into the laundry room and open up the washer.  The smell knocks me back a few steps.  Apparently the load of laundry I washed a couple of days ago never made it to the dryer.  I add more soap, set it on extra hot this time, and run it through again. Now soccer clothes will have to be washed in the dead of night and dried in an early morning frenzy.

3.  How often do your little people shower? It is bedtime on a Wednesday night. I am ready for the kids to go away.  Maybe we can skip a bath tonight?  Did they take one last night?  I can’t remember. I try to recall the last nights activities but my mind is completely blank. I take an honest assessment of my mental faculties and know that I don’t have it in me to cleanse these children tonight.  I promise we will do it first thing in the morning, if I remember.

4.  I cannot recall most of my middle child’s baby and toddler-hood.  I feel really bad about this one.  With my oldest son I remember everything about his first year: his measurements, his milestones, his look and feel.  With the middle child though, it is a blur.  With only 19 months between the two babies it is a miracle I kept everyone alive and well. When did she learn to clap, roll over, write her name?  I have no idea, but she does it now!! There wasn’t an absence of love or attention, but there sure is an absence of long-term memories. When a question arises about her past I have to take a quick average of what I remember about the other kids and ballpark a date for her.


5.  What is for breakfast this morning?  Waffles, bagels, eggs or toast. Anything that doesn’t require milk.  Yes, children, I know we haven’t had milk for two days.  I will put a reminder in my phone and head straight to the store after I take you to school. This whole milk thing is something that seems really important in the morning when you want cereal, and at night when I’m preparing for dinner, but somewhere in between, this need gets completely lost. Half the time I go to the store for a specific item, leave my list at home, and return with a car full of groceries of every variety…except for the one thing I went to get.

6.  Tuesday morning I took my car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change.  (When you are done being impressed by that statement, read on.) It was going to take a while, so my daughter and I walked to the McDonald’s just across the street. While I sat there I thought about how much I missed one of my friends.  Wouldn’t it be great if she could come and hang out with me? I casually drop her a text and invite her to join me.  She politely responds that she is on her way to bible study.  A bible study that I too signed up for, and am supposed to be at as well. No wonder I missed her, we were supposed to spend the morning together and I completely forgot!



7.  I’m not sure what this post has to do with the series I am writing on “Showing up.”  Truth be told, when I wrote this post I forgot about that!  Ha!