Day 26 – A Day to Celebrate


I will remember today.  I will mark it down as one of those days where time slowed down, the world spun all around me, and I was in awe.

In awe of how far we have come.

In awe of how things come together.

In awe of all of the possibilities that are out there.

I know everything can change on a dime.  We have discussed that.  I know it.  Still, I am blown away when it does.


Over the course of the past few weeks I have been consumed in a flurry of phone calls and interviews. More phone calls, and then more waiting. Then excitement and anticipation, guessing, hoping, calculating and predicting.

Then it all came together. A phone call.  An offer.

I gathered up the kids. Full of excitement I tried to tell them about this job that mom got. I got all misty and huggy and choked up; then made us take a selfie.


They were excited because I was excited, but they can’t comprehend the significance. It doesn’t matter.  They won’t remember the day. They will remember their mom showed up.  Every day, almost every time, as best she could.  They also asked if this means we can get a dog. (NO)


I got up early this morning to read it again. The job offer. I opened my computer and scanned the contract. I read each detail.  It looks good.  I think.  Am I sure? Am I missing something?  Is that what it says? I hover over it and take it in. The fulfillment of a hope, a prayer, a BIG ask.

I need to sign it.  Once I do, I know what it means.  That one click signifies a beginning and an end.  I will savor both.

The beginning of a new phase.  The beginning of a new job, a new schedule, a new team, and a new season. The beginning of excitement and possibility, stability and thriving.

It also means an end.  An end to some of the searching and wondering and worrying. An end to filling out applications! An end to the question, “What do I do?”  (although, actually I.m still not fully clear on that answer) And an end to being at home full-time with the kids.  No more long walks on the way home from school. No more crossing guard duty.  Probably less shopping.

There is peace.  And excitement.  MAJOR excitement.  It is the right thing. The right thing today. I do sign it, with gusto. I will celebrate. I am filled with gratitude.

I bought a new pair of shoes.

Who knows what I will do tomorrow!



Day 14 – When We “Mean Well” (What now!?!)


Today is the third and final day in a series of posts.  You can find the preceding posts here:  When We Mean Well:  Part 1 and Part 2

Dear Bible Study Leader,

I have had a few days to consider what you shared with me in our phone call. I would like to share a few of my thoughts with you.

I am hurt. I thought I was angry, but really I am hurt.

I am hurt because I felt like you judged me. I felt like you suggested the kind of love that I brought to my marriage wasn’t good enough. You made me feel like I must have not tried hard enough, or prayed hard enough. If I had, my marriage would have survived. I don’t think our God works that way.

I too believe in marriage.  I am 100% in agreement with you on the kind of love and commitment that it takes to hold a relationship together. I gave my whole heart and soul and life to my spouse. I think I understand the covenant of marriage; what it is supposed to be, and what it isn’t. I also understand that it is a covenant between two people.  Two people have to honor it, fight for it, pray for it, and agree to stay in it.

The War Room sounds like a good movie, with a great message.  Marriage is hard, and it is worth fighting for.  I hope that it helps those who need to hear that encouragement.

It doesn’t sound like a good movie for me. It is a Hollywood happy ending that not everyone gets. I agree that God can redeem anything. Sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes things happen that we do not understand. That is not a reflection of my faith or performance, or His love. Not everything is in our control. I wanted that happy ending.  I didn’t get it. I am not that happy with this, frankly, but I am learning to accept it.


I am hurt because I didn’t feel seen by you.  You didn’t ask me to share my story or circumstances.  You didn’t ask me if I was ok.  You didn’t ask me if I was willing or able to open up my heart. You didn’t ask me if I wanted to put my marriage back together or not.

You saw me as something broken.

Something to fix.

Behind my smiling face, is a girl whose heart was broken. You couldn’t know what lengths I went to in order to save myself, my family, my dignity, my faith. That’s ok. It shouldn’t matter.  There is so much more to a person than just their relationship status. I am the sum of all my parts, not just the divorce part. I am worth knowing.


I am hurt because I want to feel safe at church. My faith and my marriage were closely tied together. When my marriage fell apart, my faith suffered as well. Now I am struggling to see where I fit in. Someday, I want my family to be part of a church community again. I want to be invited to the table, to be loved and accepted; divorced or not.

I forgive you for hurting me. I don’t think you meant to. There needs to be more grace all around; for you, for me, for all the rest of us. Sometimes we really hurt each other, even when we mean well. I have done it, you have done it, we all have done it. We need to show up for one another. Showing up doesn’t mean fixing, guiding, or judging. Maybe it is easier than that.


I see you.

There is room at my table.

We have got to get better at it. We don’t want to turn people away, we want to draw them in.

Love, Dana

PS. I ordered new rat traps on Amazon.  They come in two days.

PPS. Tomorrow I will be writing about rainbows and puppies.  Rest easy. 🙂